Finance and Capital Markets

The development of Financial and capital market always complement each other. The continuous innovation of financial services greatly broadens the financing channels and methods of the capital market. China's financial and capital market has developed rapidly since the reform and opening up of China. However, the tax system is lagging behind the innovation of financial and capital market. Due to the ambiguity of the tax rules, the tax authority in different areas may take different views on certain financial innovation tool, such as trust, hybrid investment, which increases the tax risk of taxpayers.

M&T Lawyers provide a full range of tax-related legal services for all kinds of financial institutions, including banks, insurance, securities, trusts, private equity funds, etc. M&T Lawyers` financial and capital market team can help financial institutions deal with tax risks and challenges and optimize tax arrangements. M&T Lawyers can provide the following services in the financial and capital markets

*Tax consulting;

*Tax planning;

*Legal and tax services in listing;

*Legal and tax due diligence;

*Legal and tax services in M&A;

*Tax risk management;

*Defense support in tax audit;

*Tax dispute settlement.

Case Presentation

Provided tax consultation for a domestic company listed in Hong Kong, and issue tax opinions on tax issues concerned by the regulatory authorities;

Provided special consulting services for the establishment of an overseas listing structure for a new type of Internet company in Beijing, improved the tax compliance path for subsequent equity transfer or stock reduction of its employee stock ownership platform and founder stock ownership platform, and assisted in the completion of the No. 7 announcement declaration for indirect equity transfer and tax payment;

Acted as a perennial tax consultant for a listed film and television company in Beijing, assisting it in completing tax compliance work such as film and television projects, crew cost and invoice control, and personal tax withholding of main creators;

Acted as a perennial tax consultant for an overseas listed education group in Shanghai, assisting it in completing pre-listing tax compliance, daily tax preference management, invoice risk control, personal income tax compliance, etc.;

Provided tax consulting and tax compliance services for the indirect overseas equity transfer of an enterprise in Shandong, analyzed possible tax-related risks, carried out relevant tax burden calculations, and allowed the enterprise to conduct equity transfers legally and compliantly;

Provided compliance services for personal income matters involved in the transfer of equity of natural person shareholders of a technology company in Beijing, and assisted in the implementation of the plan;

Provided tax compliance and tax consulting services for the merger and reorganization of three branches of an American company in China, performed tax calculations and assisted it in optimizing and implementing specific reorganization plans, and communicated with tax authorities on tax-related matters.

Professional Team



M&T Lawyers Beijing Office

Perennial tax advisor, Tax preference, Tax dispute resolution, HNWI TAX, Transfer Pricing and Anti Tax Avoidance




M&T Lawyers Beijing Office

Perennial tax advisor, Tax preference, Tax dispute resolution, HNWI TAX, Transfer Pricing and Anti Tax Avoidance




M&T Lawyers Beijing Office

Finance and Capital Markets, Perennial legal adviser, Dispute Resolution and Litigation, Capital market, Corporate governance