M&T Lawyers was interviewed by Accounting Messenger on false value added tax invoices

In recent years, crime of falsely making out specialized VAT invoices are rampant, M&T Lawyers gave some suggestion on how to prevent it.
The partner of M&T Wu Libin said, on one hand, tax authority should strengthen supervision and prevent false valued-added tax invoices. The major conclusions are: first, improving the level of informationization of invoice management and promoting the e-invoice. Second, to enhance the quality of tax officers and equip them with sufficient knowledge of tax compliance risk management. Third, to bring it into the personal credit system, making more efforts to combat the crime of making out false invoices. On the other hand, enterprises should prevent and avoid obtaining false VAT invoices through a variety of methods including doing necessary investigation of the supplier, reviewing invoice in time once it was received, enhancing the training provided to staffs especially to the salesperson.