M&T Lawyers: Enjoy Lawful Tax Incentives and Control Risks in a Reasonable Way

November 19, 2015, the third High-tech Enterprises Tax Administration Forum was successfully held in Zhongguan Park, Peking University, which was jointly organized by M&T Lawyers and Noerr Law Firm Minter Club, more than 50 people attended the meeting, including managers of financial, taxation or legal department and other relevant departments.
The senior partner of M&T Lawyers Shi Zhiqun said that the new policy over the accreditation of new and high-tech enterprises has changed in the following aspects: qualifications of accreditation, program management, application documents and supervision and administration.
Mr. Shi also gave some advice to enterprises in the choice of tax incentives. First, the most suitable one is the best. Second, tax-saving programs are often combination of multiple methods. Third, legitimacy is the bottom line.
The senior partner of M&T Lawyers Wu Libin gave lectures on “Listing of Tax” and “Taxation Problems in M&A and Reorganization”
Mr. Wu elaborated the tax compliance issue of companies listed on the ‘’New Three Board”. He introduced the situations that seriously violate the law in tax compliance issue and the disclosure of tax-related information in application materials.