Import & Export Taxes

The import and export taxes mainly cover the customs duty, import VAT and consumption tax, as well as the export VAT refund provisions. Since China’s accession to the WTO, although the average tax rate of customs duty continue to reduce, the customs duty amount still significantly increases due to the growth of the import trade of goods and the strengthening of the collection management. Meanwhile, many taxpayers engaging in import trade are imposed on administrative penalty, or even be held criminally responsible because of the lack of expertise of the relevant policies.
Given the specificity and importance of the import & import tax system, M&T Lawyers puts it as one of the core business since its foundation, and establish a professional import & export tax team in order to better serve the clients in the following aspects:
Our services in import and export tax aspects mainly include the followings:

  • Retained customs matter advisor
  • Comprehensive customs matter planning
  • Process improvement of the import and export trade
  • Export VAT refund
  • Policies comparison and analysis to various special customs bonded zones
  • Map out the strategy of optimized cost control
  • Commodity classification
  • Custom valuation assistance
  • Support for response and defense in customs investigation
  • Support in TP audit