Outbound Investment Tax

With the development of China’s economic growth and the promotion of the comprehensive power of the enterprises, more and more domestic enterprises begin to go abroad and invest in the foreign market. Meanwhile, the Chinese enterprise have accelerated the pace of abroad expansion due to the constraints of the technology and resource, as well as the rising the domestic raw materials and labor cost.
Nowadays, the Chinese enterprises generally lack the experience of the outbound investment. And their outbound investment involves many complicated risks and challenges. M&T Lawyers has a lot of professionals with rich international tax knowledge and experiences, and established well cooperation relationship with some international tax service providers. These enable us to render the clients excellent advices. To be specific, our outbound investment tax team can provide the following services:

  • Advise the alternative investment structure or financial approaches
  • Supply chain planning
  • General tax rules research and advice to the investment destination
  • Advise the establishment location of the SPV
  • Profit repatriation planning
  • Advise the investment exit approach
  • Identification and avoidance of the overseas registered PRC tax resident
  • Foreign tax credit