Inbound Investment Tax

Over 30 years of reforming and opening up, China is at a critical stage that the sustainable growth of the China’s economy can only be achieved through the transformation of the economic growth pattern. It is undoubted that tax, as one of the important tools of the micro control, will play a very important role in the promotion of the transformation of the economic growth pattern. On one hand, as for the industries with high pollution and high energy-consuming, the central and local government may further tighten the approval and reduce or even cancel the old financial subsidies and tax incentives; on other hand, it is expectable that the government may introduce new tax incentive policies to encourage the development of high-tech enterprises and advanced service providers.
The inbound investment tax team of M&T Lawyers can provide the foreign invested enterprises and its shareholders the following tax services in connection with their investment in China:
  • Advise the alternative investment structure or financial approaches
  • Profit repatriation and investment exit approaches
  • Tax consulting services
  • Tax planning in M & A transaction
  • Application for the preferential tax treatment under the applicable double tax treaty
  • Assist the foreign transferor in transaction disclosure and tax declaration for its indirect transfer of the Chinese company’s equity as requested under Circular 698