Tax in Financing and M&A

The development of the capital markets and the innovation of the financial tool greatly expand the company’s investment and financing channels. And the company may also need to raise capitals from time to time through various ways. M&T Lawyers has robust experiences in advising the investors and the investees in their various investing and financing activities, including listing financing, credit financing, private investment, trust investment, financial lease and collateral etc.
M&A is one of the important means for an enterprise to expand its business. The investors, on one hand, need to conduct full due diligence (including legal and tax due diligence) to the target company, and on the other hand, need to analyze and select reasonable M&A approaches to reduce the tax cost of the transaction. These works can only be completed with the assistance of the tax professionals. In addition, the target company and its shareholders may also need to self-assess and verify the target company’s financial and tax situation prior to the transaction negotiation, with the assistance of the external legal and tax professionals, so that they can “know themselves and the other side” and to seize the initiative in the negotiations.
Our tax professionals in Financing and M & A team can deliver the following services:
  • Legal and Tax due diligence to the target company
  • Tax planning in the IPO
  • Tax training for a pre-IPO enterprise
  • Tax advice and planning in the M & A
  • Draft and review of the M & A transaction documents
  • Support in transaction negotiation
  • Assist in applying to the available tax incentives
  • Other tax related consulting services