Tax Dispute Settlement

Nowadays, as the expected slowdown in the global and China’s economic growth, and the growing pressure of public finance expenditure of the PRC government, the tax authorities continue to increase the intensity of tax audit and anti-avoidance. Meanwhile, with the continuous improvement of the tax law system in China and the taxpayer’s awareness of their rights, it is foreseeable that there will be a growing number of tax disputes in the future. The new environment in tax law and tax administration practice require the taxpayer to change the old way of dealing with tax disputes with tax authorities, by seeking the support of external tax professionals and settle the disputes under the frame of legal system.
We are convinced that the solution of the disputes lies in the professional communication. Our participation is not to make for the two sides toward confrontation, but to smooth the communication in an effective way based on our expertise. M&T Lawyers will provide the taxpayer the following services in connection with the tax disputes:
  • Relationship coordination between taxpayer and the in-charge tax authorities. M&T Lawyers and our partners have smooth channels to communicate with the tax authorities in different level and built up trusted relationship with tax officials in our practice.
  • Support in tax hearingsWe will use our expertise to assist the taxpayers to defense and express their opinions.
  • Support in tax administration reconsideration. M&T Lawyers can assist the taxpayers in preparing the application letter for the administrative reconsideration and other materials required.
  • Tax litigation. Our professionals have extensive experiences in tax litigation cases. The Inter-disciplinary background of our professionals will enable us to deliver our clients better services.