Tax Advisor

In recent years, responding to the dramatic changes in domestic and international economic situation, the Chinese tax law system has undergone profound transformation. On one hand, the Chinese tax law framework and system are more rigorous and transparent. On the other hand, the tax authorities are continuously enhancing the tax collection administration and anti-avoidance investigation. In the face of increasing complexity of the tax laws and collection environment, it is undoubtedly a great challenge for the taxpayers and has become more and more important on how to ensure the compliance of the company’s tax affairs, effectively reducing the company’s tax burden, and taking reasonable tax planning to reduce the tax cost of the transaction.
M&T Lawyers, as a professional tax consulting service provider, will render the Chinese and foreign clients the following services:

  • Tax consulting
  • Tax planning
  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax health check
  • Self-assessment of the tax risk
  • Annual retainer tax service
  • Tax training